20+ Mini Militia Mods 1-Click Downloads- Hacks & Cheats [Android/iOS/Pc]

Doodle Army 3 is expected to be released before December 2017. The most popular game with its latest feature is ready to be updated. The developers are on the end of documentation to the release date. The wait is now going to be over within few days. Doodle Army 2 has made the revolutionary debut and is the best and most popular android game till now.

Latest Update: Mini Militia v4.0.36 is out now with much extra game feature including the modified chat and friend service within the game.

Mini Militia 2 Mod v4.0.36 Latest Apk (Pro Unlocked + One Shot) Download

The latest update for Doodle Army 3 is to be rolled out within few days stay updated and stay tuned to minimilitiacheat.com for latest downloads.

“Like hacks for Doodle Army 2?” We will share Doodle Army 2 Mod Apk file with more than 10+ amazing features. Mini Militia Downloads such as one-shot kill, god mod or wallhack, etc. We will try to resolve all your mini militia glitches on this blog. Not only for android also download mini militia for computer or pc.

What Is In The Mini Militia Game?

The Mini Militia is an online + offline multiplayer as well as solo play game with the bundle of customizing features and numerous features. Online Mini Militia mode is a free gaming zone multiplayer gameplay with only some sort of internet connection. Also, you can play in the customs zone with your friends far from you. Mini Militia game is so handy that it also has an offline multiplayer mode through which 16friends (max) can connect and play with each other in free time. Let me tell you the steps to play online and offline!

Online Game Modes In Mini Militia Apk?

Mini Militia is one of the best multiplayer shooting genre game. There are two modes in online gameplay .

  1. Solo or Quick Gameplay– In this mode, you can start a quick game by ‘Quick Play’ button but, you can’t add your friend in this gameplay rather you can make friends in it by choosing the same colour. Same color members will be considered as a team.
  2. Custom or Multi Gameplay– In this mode, you need to join a team in custom servers of mini militia game. This custom name can be hosted by your friend and anyone can play in it by your invitation.

Note: To play online you must need to have a working internet connection. And if you are having (purchased) the pro pack of mini militia game then only you can use pro pack online in quick play or customs.

How To Play Mini Militia Online With Friends?

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is popular among all over the world. The reason behind this popularity is it’s the number of servers available in different places to serve the game with an ease. This makes the game handier. Once friends are connected to the online Paly Room, they can form teams as required.


  1. Normal Internet Connection with almost 20 Kbps upload and download speed.
  2. The latest version of Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Games at least 3.0.1 version or higher.Get Link

There is the same procedure for iOS/Android to play mini militia online. You need to follow these steps to start playing online.

Mode 1: Solo or Quick Gameplay

  • Make sure you’re having a working data connection in your iOS/Android device.
  • Open  Mini Militia Game from the apps
  • It will ask you to touch and start, just touch
  • The login option will appear at right corner, make sure to login and play skills will be saved in your account which can be used later when accidentally your game is deleted. You can recover with your login credentials.
  • You may proceed without logging and can play the game as a guest.
  • Click now on QUICK PLAY
  • You can see the players will start appearing
  • After 7 players being ready at their position the game will begin.
  • ENjoy the game and start shooting

Mode 2: Custom or Multi Gameplay

  • Make sure you’re having a working data connection in your iOS/Android device.
  • Open  Mini Militia Game from the apps.
  • Go to MULTIPLAYER option and select CUSTOM.
  • A CUSTOM GAMES server list will appear on your phone display.
  • Select any server according to your country and the number of players in the server and JOIN into the server. (Best if have less the number of players is better. Keep the server name noted to tell your friends.)
  • Now press HOST to create your game room.
  • Give the name of your choice in the “ROOM NAME” textbox.
  • If you want to protect your ROOM by the password so that nobody other than your friends can enter, do so by clicking on the lock symbol.
  • Give a password and recall it for later use.
  • That’s all! The last thing to do is tell your buddies these details and ask them to follow the guide.

How To Play Mini Militia Multiplayer Offline With Friends?

Play against the actual users beside you, without internet connection. Simply connect all players via a single connection to the access point and enjoy the multiplayer game without the need to connect to the web.

Note: You need not to go far from the connected network, else the game will be disconnected.

Follow these steps to play the Doodle Army 2 game with your friends without internet (Offline mode).

Step 1: Steps Followed by Game Host

  • Switch your mobile Hotspot on.
  • Open the Mini Militia game.
  • Tap on the home screen to reach to the options menu.
  • Click on the HOST button on the bottom right corner in the Local game screen.
  • Now you will find your avatar and its name on the screen.
  • Choose the Map, duration of play and the number of players (Max 16 players).
  • Press on DONE and wait for other players to join.

Step 2: Steps Followed by Other Players Playing on the Host

  • Turn on Wifi and connect with host hotspot.
  • Wait for the name of the host’s avatar to appear under ‘Found Game’.
  • Once the Host’s name appears on the screen, tap on JOIN.
  • Tap on the START button.
  • Once all players are ready then the game will start within 10 seconds

Why hack Mini Militia game?

mini-militia-iconFirst, it is fun when you get to see your skeptical friends on “Why is not it dying? Look at his score, he killed 30 and we just 4-5? ”

“Can’t pick up all guns in the mini-militia game!”

When you go fetch a gun, and the game requires a pro pack update “Upgrade now for online access to this weapon and more!” It’s annoying as it costs money to see everyone picking and walking and shooting with two pistol Uzi or rocket launcher, and you only get to use weapons not so powerful.

“Because I Never Win!”

Some of your comrades started playing mini militia very early, and you do not have a chance with them. No problem, you have the modded version now helping you to the gameplay.

“I can not personalize my Avatars like other Mini Militia Pro-Pack players.”

These other online players come as they were to attend a party. Sunglasses, Snickers, caps. Full customization is available with the modded version.

I don’t have extra store items in my pocket primarily.”

To purchase store item, you need to have battle points which can be grasped by playing online in a quick play. With modded version, you will get an unlimited battle point to purchase anything.

With your modded Mini Militia game – that you’re going to download from below, get down to them, stay at the front like a movie hero, and then break them with the melee button.

See Here Mini Militia God Mod Latest Version 

Mini Militia Hack

Well, before going further please note that you can find mini militia hack and cheat on other sites as well. But they can contain viruses or malware that can steal content from your phone. Our site is safe and all the version are tested and working.

Mini Militia hack Pro Apk

But we here at MiniMilitiaCheat.com have compiled and checked the Mini Militia Hack files [apk] with anti-virus. So you do not have to worry about getting a malicious code injected into your Android phone with mini militia hack.Apk file. See also: Doodle Army 2 Apk + Doodle Army 2 MOD Apk

Some of the hackers use Lucky Patcher and the Toggle Mod software to hack Mini Militia. By using this software application, the game can be hacked in any way, and it is not necessary to download mod files for each sperate hack. The Toggle Mod application is a 3 MB app that can be used on a non-rooted phone to create Doodle Army 2 Mods. Toggle Mod allows you to compile and correct binary files from DA2. And hacking Mini Militia with Lucky Patcher is easy.

But it takes a rooted android phone which in turn is a tedious task.  Each of the Mini Militia hack that we provided below does not make use of this or any other correction application. We have tried to present you some popular hack for you.

Here we have compiled all information about Mini Militia hack and Mods with their download links.

Mini Militia Invisible Hack + Wall Hack+ Walk Through Walls

With this Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia wall hack, you get the unlimited Jetpack. So you do not have to stop flying on any card, not just fly, you can also shoot unlimited balls and grenades. Walk through all the obstacles you are stopped by using the regular mini militia apk. Imagine! How fun it would be to become invisible and just stand under your opponent’s nose, slowly killing him win the melee attack. Watch him/her wondering “What the devil is going here?”

mini militia invisible hack

With this tutorial on “Mini Militia Invisible Hack” and “Wall Hack”, we learned that we did not need invisible mini hack militia downloaded to our Android or iOS phones allowing unknown sources. These are trusted apps.

Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo MOD

The Mini Militia 2 weapons Hack works best when you choose the right combination of firearms. You will not stuck with the reload feature with this unlimited ammo mod. Take for example a sniper rifle and a gun shooting these two weapons in their hack Mod allows you to zoom up to 7x and the other takes the opponent quickly. Another good example is the use of two AK47 simultaneously. AK47 has a 4x zoom and very harmful balls.

mini militia bast mod

The examples above are just to give you an insight into how the destruction of this Double Gun Mod APK can be. It all depends on you what type of weapon you want to use. You can try them in your way without worrying about ammunition as this hack comes with endless ammo.

Block Ads

You know Doodle army2: Mini Militia has a free version as well as paid version. But both free and paid version shows advertising. This is too annoying for users. While you are in the lobby, it displays the banner ad on top or pop-up. For this, sometimes you can not read the previous cat easily. Sometimes you can click on these ads by mistake. It will, therefore, redirect to the browser or pop-up. For this, you may have to restart the game at home.

You can block Ads with the app named Lucky Patcher and also with the modded version of mini militia available here on this site.

Mini Militia Pro Pack Hack [No Root]

The Mini Militia Pro Pack gives players a superior hand when it comes to the field battle between doodles. Player Entry with Mini Militia free pack can not pick weapons like Missle Launcher, Sniper and Flamethrower. As a result, more users get by paying out to developers to get the extra track in the game.


With the Mini Militia Pro pack, you get all the functionality of the game that a person would get when buying from Play Store. Free! So you do not have to pay $ 1, go ahead and download Mini Militia Pro pack.

See Here’s Mini Militia Mega Mod Pro Pack: One shot kills mod+Unlimited Nitro.

How to buy store items in Mini militia?

Most of us do not even know that there is a store in the Doodle Army 2 game. Because we are busy playing MM. Some are very useful. Battle points are needed to buy items from the militia mini store. To reach the battle points, you must play multiplayer online battles or a fast game involving several other online players.

1 point = 1 kill

We will also receive ranks to increase the level of experience. Your level of experience will also increase with combat points when you play online multiplayer battles or fast play.

There is a rumor that increased rank also increases the power which affects more than the normal shot! It’s totally wrong only your killing skills are increased and nothing else.

You can navigate to the store by choosing Settings-> Store.

In total, 16 items are available for purchase in the DA2: Mini Militia Store 

Store Item Cost BP (battle points)
Boost Regen 1250
Health Regen 1000
Boost Increase 2000
Golden Eagle 250
Increase Accuracy 2000
Grenade +1 1000
Melee +10 800
Handgun Clip Extender 1250
Rifle Clip Extender 1500
Laser Sight 1000
Gas Grenade 500
Faster Reload 1 1000
Faster Reload 2 1500
Mask Pack 1 500

Steps to buy Mini Militia Pro Pack from Google Play Store

To buy the Pro Pack, you need to pay about $ 1 or RS. 70.00. The process of obtaining the Pro Pack from the game shop on PlayStore is as mentioned below:

  • Open the Mini Militia game and make sure that the Internet connection is running smoothly.
  • Touch Upgrade on the main screen.
  • Select a legitimate account in some cases; developers have banned players using Mini Militia hack apk.
  • Tap on the purchase and wait a few seconds (the game processes your account information at this time).Mini-Militia-pro-pack
  • Then press CONTINUE.
  • Select the payment method. You can either pay by Google Play Store redeem code, credit card or international debit card.
  • If you choose a card, enter the details of the Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.
  • Click Buy Now, and you will get the Pro Pack update module that integrates with the existing application to give you extra features.

Mini Militia Mods: Unlimited Everything Hack Apk

Get the features of all mods in one apk. Yes! Mini Militia unlimited everything mod has all mods feature in one apk. As the image below will show you detail.

mini militia super mod apk

This Unlimited Everything mod is also known as the “Super Mod”. You can download the mod and will become the King of the Game.

See Here: Mini Militia Unlimited Everything Mod {Super Mod}

Mini Militia Tips

You must fight with your friends to win the glory and must follow Mini Militia Tips. To win every match and battle with them as an expert, you need to know some tips and tricks for Mini Militia. You would have spent hours playing the mini militia game.

There are many tricks which could be applied within the game to play the game with more perfection. Want to know what are they? Let’s Discuss!

  1. Play Safe: When someone is firing with sniper try to use hand option by sitting at the place you are presently, it will nullify the effect of sniper.
  2. Shoot At Right Time: First collect your power in the form of gun then try to mess with others, if you have a primary weapon as the golden gun or normal gun, try firing hiding behind stones.
  3. Proper Carriage: Always carry shotgun with sniper, so that no one can come near you, if do so one shot is enough.
  4. Concentrate: DO concentrate on the secondary weapon, show them your primary weapon and suddenly release your secondary weapon as dead shot.
  5. Check Health Bar: Do focus on health bar, fight with respect to your health otherwise wait to regain.

Mini Militia Cheats

One thing that remains constant with video games is that there are cheats, a particular combination of characters on the keyboard or the game console. Mini Militia cheats allow players to skip levels or obtain additional features their Allowing to quickly pass the stages and win matches.

Here we have gathered all the Mini Militia tricks that allow you to have a shield protection, unlimited ammo, mini invisible hack militia, and much more.

See here’s about Mini Militia Cheats, Chat Codes, Tips and Tricks for Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia For Windows Phone

Mini Militia is one of the best games of the leisure section of Android games industry, but the industry is not limited to Android games. We have Windows Phone Series in which players want to play Mini Militia game. Because of the huge demand for Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Game for Windows phone.

Also…you can able to install the apps which do not require the google play service like hike etc.
Follow the following steps to install Mini Militia on your windows phone:

  1. Upgrade your windows phone to windows 10
  2. Now get Android deployment tool.
  3. Download the required apk. (Download Mini Militia Apk)
  4. Use USB connection to connect the mobile phone with PC/laptop.
  5. Go to advanced mode for the developer in a setting.
  6. Open the Android deployment tool…
  7. Now enter the pin that shown in your windows phone.
  8. Then choose the apk file and deploy it.
  9. Now Enjoy…

Mini Militia For Pc And Laptop

It’s like as Windows Phone… Also Mini Militia game is not available for Computer.  So you need to create an Android environment on your PC. And you will Require an INSTALLATION to one of the emulators, Download link is below for emulator is provided. You Can Choose Any of Them, depends on your choice.


The thing to remember is that the emulator like BlueStacks is compatible with Windows easily. Mac users to convert Ipadian should use on their Macs to the iPad and play all the games they have played. That is the iPod, the iPhone on their Mac computers.


The above is the detailed view of Mini Militia hacking techniques and Cheats. Our goal is to make your game more enjoyable experience and a little more fun, but we do not encourage in any case to use such hacking methods all the time, especially when playing online.

In the recent past, we have received many requests from people asking us to provide download links to more games with their mod’s. We will try in future to place more mods to you. Till then enjoy all the mini militia mods working surely on this site.

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