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Hello, Mini Militia Fans, the blog [minimilitiacheat.com] idea comes in my mind when me (admin) and my friends were at college. We are persuing B.tech from National Level college (name hidden). As everyone knows that B.tech is the only course which sucks a lot and especially when you belong to civil or mechanical branch. Me and my friends were in the Civil Engineering course of B.tech.

Story Behind minimilitiacheat.com

I and my friends usually find our class very much boring as the continuous lectures just screw our mental level. Then we came to know about a game which was played by one of our seniors and he challenged us in a group for some ragging purpose. The challenge was to win the game or do what they want.

It was safe to play the game and win to be safe from the curse of ragging. The date was given to us for the gameplay. On that particular day, we were ready with our skills and they too were waiting to boom us. Me and my friends just to skip the ragging had practised this game by heart at least 4hours a day and by the side, it was the fact that we became addictive to the game mini-militia.

The challenge begins and the teams were established we started playing. The horrible moment was that when the other two team member got snipers and they started screwing us. We were helpless and then we got something new about the game that was the shield and the cheat to sit down to avoid sniper attack.

This was not the end with that game we got to know more cheats related to the game and at last, we had lost the game and they won. We had to do those rubbish things as per the challenge. But the game became our goal and to beat everyone in this game became our endless journey.


Our Avatar Names Were:

  • Raftaar (Me)
  • Kanha Killer
  • Mahakaal
  • Immortal
  • Jaanwar
  • Danger
  • Funny Beast

We started loving the game and started finding new features to the game to make it more amazing. Then to share this knowledge I had started the blog minimilitiacheat.com which will provide all mods and hacks to the mini militia game and also the cheats and hidden tactics to the game.

The blog also deal with other gaming mods which will make your gaming experience more beautiful. Stay tuned to the blog… Thanks

Mini-Militia is just the best game out there in the store.

Do you love playing Mini Militia? Share your experience and memories with us in the comments sections below. We will include that in our posts. So go ahead and type it down.

Follow MiniMilitia.org on Facebook and Google+ page for all latest tips and tricks. Comment for any short of help with the game and do thanks the developers of the game “Appsomniacs”.

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